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-> Siddhartha

The Brothers Karamazov    

-> The Brothers Karamazov

The Idiot    

-> The Idiot


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->  Beginnings (First Three Chapters)

When an unassuming young man develops an intimate relationship with Time, he has an impossible task thrust on him that will irrevocably change his life in ways that could never have been predicted and will forever alter the 'being' he is to become. With deeply existential undertones and an ending that will both shock and surprise, Beginnings raises as many questions for the reader as the protagonist himself faces, leaving neither the way they were in the 'beginning'.

->  Fall From Grace (First Three Chapters)

In a world where religion is pervasive and Angels once walked among humans, a single Angel, a renegade, is dissatisfied... and decides to do something about it. Fall From Grace emerged out of an interest in philosophy and a scepticism of religion. It tells of the creation of God’s nemesis but from the perspective of the nemesis and aims to stimulate thought in atheists and believers alike.